Why You Need To Be Your Biggest Cheerleader – Right Now!

The title may sound a tad bit cheesy, but it’s the truth. As Serena Williams, one of the world’s greatest athletes) said “Some people may not believe in you but you have to believe in you” Self belief is one of the most essential tools you need to be able to reach your potential and earn success.

A lot of people allow their success to be determined by the cheers and praise of others, the louder the crowd cheers you on, the more successful you’re assured to be. However, in life you won’t always have everyone screaming your name. On the journey to success, most of the time it’ll be you, alone in the dark, left to work your way tirelessly towards the light. And in those moments, your voice will be the only one there to cheer you on.

Here are some reasons on why you need to be your biggest cheerleader and some ways that you can:

  • The whole world can believe in you but it won’t matter unless you believe in yourself – If the whole world thinks that you can jump off a cliff but when you climb up there and you look down and are scared out of your mind to jump, guess what? You’re not going to jump!  Believing in yourself is the only way you can truly make the most out of your abilities and show the world what you’re made of.
  • No one ever got anywhere without shamelessly promoting themselves – You wonder why that person in your class is snagging all the cool internships and roles, it’s  because they put themselves out there! With success, 90% of the time you have to put yourself out there and tell the world how good you are instead of expecting people to notice, don’t be afraid to make some noise because you know you’re good. Because that’s the only way how others are going to stop and take notice of how good you are.
  • You won’t always have an audienceSimone Biles may have struck gold at the Rio Olympics this year to an arena of adoring fans and with the whole world watching every flip. But guaranteed, the time it took for her to train to get to that place was in a gym for hours on end, and having to motivate herself to go to train and believe she was a winner every single morning she got up. It’s the same logic as scoring full marks on a test, most of the time you spent alone in a library studying your butt off, and you only had an audience in the moment of glory. That’s what the journey to success is likely to entail, so get used to cheering yourself on
  • Push yourself to be better – Learn how to challenge yourself! No one ever got far by staying in their comfort zone. If you think something is too good for you to achieve, then most likely you’re not going to get it because you didn’t challenge yourself to get it. Make a deal with yourself every month to push yourself to reach a goal – whether it’s putting yourself out for a new role at school/uni/work, working out more or signing yourself up for a new program. Push yourself to reach your potential and soon you’ll start raking in achievements like never before
  • Take a moment to appreciate yourself – Hey, it may sound cheesy but make it a thing to tell yourself every morning how good you are. The law of attraction is a real thing, so telling yourself affirmations like “I am strong, I am good enough, I am a winner” is putting that positive energy out there in yourself and in the world for you to go after what you want. Even if you’re feeling rubbish, tell yourself you’re good enough, and soon your actions will match those words and then you’ll start to feel you really are good enough because you will see the results from your actions.



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