Inspirational Women for Today’s Generation

Words by Cara Watling

In a media-obsessed world where people can achieve fame from almost anything it can sometimes be difficult to know who to look up to as an inspirational role model. There are many women around the globe who have taken initiative and achieved their dreams, but when times get tough this goal can seem like an impossibility.

Below are three celebrities who have been in the media recently for recognition of their efforts and who will hopefully help motivate you across the finishing line no matter what your obstacle is.




Starting with a small beauty blog and transitioning from print to video, Zoe Sugg became a young entrepreneur as she launched herself into the public eye through ‘Youtube’. As her fan base rapidly expanded so did her amount of opportunities and it cannot be said that she didn’t take full advantage of her growing brand. As of 2016 she has over 11 million subscribers on her main Youtube channel, is the proud author of two books, has developed several beauty ranges and has most recently announced a brand new homeware range all while tackling personal issues with anxiety and panic attacks.

Emma Watson


Although she will forever be best known as the face of ‘Hermione’ in the Harry Potter movie franchise she refuses to be known solely for her acting career. Like her film role, she proved to young girls that education is important and got straight-A’s during her A Levels before completing a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brown University. Most notably she became a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 and has aided the launch of the UN Women’s campaign ‘HeForShe’ which strives to include men in the battle for women’s gender equality, tackling the bigissues which can affect both genders through nearly all aspects of life

Melissa McCarthy


A valuable lesson can be learned from this Hollywood actress as she proved to the world that your weight should not dictate how successful you are in your career. She disregarded the media’s pressure for the ‘perfect’ female figure and proved not only that women can be hilarious but that you can look glamorous and be great at your job without fitting the stereotypical concept of what beauty is at any given time. To top it off, she was also revealed by Forbes as one of the highest paid actresses of 2016 showing that hard work and determination is what truly matters over superficial values.

This year we have all been reminded that it doesn’t matter what you are – it is who you are that counts! Of course there are many, many women who should be recognised for their efforts but without writing a book it would be difficult to list all of the ladies who we can look up to when times are tough. We should all remember that we are not as breakable as we sometimes may feel and that any hurdle faced is an opportunity to learn and succeed regardless of health issues, gender or appearance.

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