Sheffield Kicks of 16 Days of Activism By Reclaiming The Night

The women of Sheffield welcomed in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence by walking through the streets of Sheffield for the Reclaim The Night March.

The walk began at 6:30pm outside Sheffield Cathedral with Serena Cavasin, the Women’s Officer for Sheffield Union leading the way through Fargate, Carver Street, Division Street, West Street with women with glitter on their cheeks proudly lifting their signs to raise tackle the issue of sexual harassment faced by women at night.

Cavasin said “This year’s march, happening on such an important day, had a truly special meaning for the women present. We were too loud to ignore, and responded to all the hecklers by raising our voices even more. We were in the hundreds and the march and the rally brought us all closer to each other in an incredible manifestation of power and sisterhood”

The Reclaim The Night march started in Leeds in 1977 following the serial murders by Peter Sutcliffe, also known as ‘Jack The Ripper’.

The march ended in Coffee Revolution at the University of Sheffield’s Student Union with a rally filled with competitions, spoken word poetry and talks from female speakers.

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