How to stay on top of your game this exam season

With students preparing themselves for deadlines and exams during this holiday season, many of you may be in need of some organisation tips and we’ve got you covered.

  1. Keep it together – For practical reasons, you gotta keep your things protected. This geometric print neoprene clutch bag from The Cool Line’s The Statement Collection (pictured above) comes in a variety of different designs and sizes with prices ranging from £8 to £20. They also do custom Macbook sized bags which are available upon request. The collection is inspired by some of the most iconic buildings to come out of the Art Deco period (such as The Empire State Building and The Chrysler Building), it taps into the iconic architectural structures in a modern, unique, definitive fashion.You can check out their shop here
  2. Pop it in the diary – To prevent you getting yourself overwhelmed with the workload get yourself organised by noting down all things you need to do in an organiser and  colour code all the things you need to do in the week from holiday events to hobbies to deadline/exam dates to the work you need to get done. With the new year coming up, you can find plenty of organisers in WHSmith and Paperchase
  3. Take a breather – It’s key to recognise how important it is to ensure you take a break when you need it. Noting down everything you need to get done by breaking it up in your weekly schedule will make you feel less guilty to go to that party and a lot less stressed.
  4. Manage your time – You may think that spending hours slaving away at a desk means you’re working hard but it can also mean that you’re ineffectively studying. The human mind can only focus for about 45 minutes, so spend that time studying and take a break for 15 minutes to refresh your mind. Take a walk, watching a YouTube video, grab a snack then get back into that study flow.
  5. Stay active – A great stress buster is exercise, so don’t forget to schedule time to get active. This can be practicing mindfulness whilst doing yoga, going to a spin class or going out for a run – whatever works for you to keep you healthy and yourr mind balanced.

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