How to stay on track with your New Year’s health resolutions


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.49.32Kerry Charalambous is a personal trainer from London who works with female clients from all backgrounds to help them get into the best shape of their lives and feel great inside and out. Here is her first guest blog post to help you enter 2018 with a positive outlook to smash your health and fitness goals and create the best version of yourself in the upcoming year

It’s the new year, new you, new everything right? We all know that’s how we’d like it to work but it doesn’t always inhibit the most positive outcomes. For a little background knowledge, habits are created when we decide to, because we want to and we have a plan to do something new. New Years Resolutions are a tactic, because we are told its January and we must start working on our new goals. However, it’s the decision to change that will help; not because you’re told you have to do it now. Nobody likes being told what to do at the best of times.

I hope you find it in you at some point in the year where you find the fire to follow your dreams, and when you do, you will automatically have more time, because you will make more time, you will be scared, and reaching out into the uncomfortable zone will not be pleasant, but you will do it and engage. When you do get into your new goal, your fire gets hotter, and you suddenly feel unstoppable.

Don’t forget, there isn’t a rewind button, in fact we are living in a faster time than ever before. If you’re doing the same thing right now that was what you were doing yesterday, last week or last year, then you are not living right by you. This is all if YOU want to change by the way. Don’t forget, I am not telling you to have new goals, dreams or aspirations, just some handy tips on making things happen and where to start.

Your time is now. Come out of the ‘tomorrow zone’ and move into the ‘right now, this second’.

Say it to yourself, under your breath, at your desk, “I’m going to start on this, right now”.

Don’t be afraid to be different, that is what will separate you from the people that didn’t win, because you ventured into the unknown, you failed and failed over and over until you finally got there. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

Our desires won’t always align with our belief systems, our morals or our lifestyle. But if you want this year to be extraordinary, you have to put yourself out there, more than ever before.

Tomorrow is a blank canvas, where you can create a new resolution at any point. Your direction can start now with these steps:

  1. Courage – make the decision through courage, to make this year great.

  2. Decide what it means to you

  3. Ask for what you really want from yourself

  4. Go, Push, progress, fail and face your fears.

  5. Set up new disciplines

  6. Enjoy the process

  7. Lastly, create a day in the week, where you reflect. It is vital we never get too complacent once we have overcome hurdles, there is always more. Ask yourself these questions:
    -How did this week go?
    -What worked?
    -What didn’t work?
    -How can I make tomorrow better?

Challenge your actions, and the time that you have used. The time will pass by anyway.

Give yourself the gift of reflection and new challenges. It is something that nobody can hand to you, and you deserve it.

For more from Kerry you can check out her Instagram here

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