Weekend hacks to live life to the fullest (and the healthiest!)

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.47.31Kerry Charalambous is a personal trainer from London who works with female clients from all backgrounds to help them get into the best shape of their lives and feel great inside and out.

For most of us the weekend brings a sense of freedom from our daily routine. For that reason, we tend to slip away from our goals for a couple of days and often find we must ‘get it together’ again for Monday.

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived a balanced life whereby Monday didn’t have to mean FRESH START because we continued with our lifestyle goals throughout the weekend and still enjoyed ourselves?!

If you are not seeing results as quick or consistent as you may like, it’s likely that your weekends are holding you back.

I want to talk to you about letting Saturday and Sunday be your time to indulge but also how to enjoy the weekend without feeling so guilty that by Monday morning you won’t feel the need to sift through motivation posts on Instagram all day for a pick me up. We all deserve a social life ad there’s no reason why you can’t stay on track AND enjoy your weekends too.

Here are my tips on how to live life to the fullest whilst keeping a balance:

Don’t live for the weekend

If you feel like the week is a drag and then you binge on the weekend, it’s time to re-assess your lifestyle habits during the week so that you don’t use the weekend as an excuse to binge on food or alcohol.

Stay active 

It’s understandable that you want to rest more on the weekends but try and get an activity in. If you don’t want to go to the gym, catch up with family and friends and go for long walks. Housework and gardening counts too! Going out dancing on a Saturday night is my personal favourite, I get to mingle with friends and I love to dance!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.54.56

Choose which day you are going to have your cheat meal 

This one takes real discipline. Don’t be too hard on yourselves but do try to choose which social event you are going to eat at, and if you can avoid it, don’t eat out on all events that you attend.  Check out the menu before you go to see if there is a healthier option. Feel free to request a dietary requirement from the restaurant too, most places always do their best to make sure you can still attend anyway. If you plan to eat out as your cheat meal, go easy on the alcohol. Its surprising how calorific alcohol really is!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.55.12

Eat as normal as possible

Whatever your daily eating habits are to keep healthy, stick to them on the weekend as best as possible. DO NOT skip breakfast to have a big unhealthy portion of chips on a Saturday night. Instead, eat healthily up until your recognition meal and you’ll enjoy the reward more and you’ll feel deserving of it!

Drink water

Keeping hydrated is crucial to not overeating. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go over the weekend to keep up your hydration levels! This will also ive you more energy and you’ll feel more motivated to keep up the good habits right through to Monday again!

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