Get your booty sculpted by Instagram

Instagram isn’t just the place to find out what all your mates are doing, see endless skinny tea ads and fashion nova ads galore. It can also serve as your personal trainer all for free at the click of your fingertips.

Not all of us can afford to have a personal trainer to show us the ropes and get that physique we’re aspiring for. But, we’ve got you covered with these social media fitness mavens whose bite-sized workouts are a great guide to get you sculpted and toned.

Create some collections in your profile for your upper body, lower body and ab workouts, then save some workout video posts of our faves below and next time you’re in the gym have a quick watch and easily follow along – and bang, you have your workout sorted! An easy fun way to get in shape without paying for several workout plans, we hope you enjoy our top picks below:

Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

Raking up 1.1 million followers with her power sculpted physique, it’s no surprise the personal trainer with her dynamic and creative workouts ranks top of our list. The self titled ‘Queen of Workouts’ posts a variety of workouts with compound movements so you can hit two muscle groups at once within your workout that will consistently challenge you with no two of her workouts being the same. Whether you’re looking for more structured routines or some timed HIIT circuits with a ton of variety then Alexia’s got you covered in her fitness kingdom.


Stefanie Williams (@stef_fit)

The fitness model’s page boasts a range of workouts, especially using a bosu ball if that’s your favourite piece of equipment.  She’s sponsored by Protein World so expect to see some content in how to incorporate their products into your diet as well with smoothie recipes to fuel you pre or post workout.

Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

The former certified Nike ambassador and personal trainer is infamous for her her ab workouts and celeb clientele, as well as her bright cheery attitude. She posts several workouts that can be done outside, at home or in the gym on her page which makes her a perfect choice if you don’t have access to the gym or are just getting started on your fitness journey.

Massy Arias (@massy.arias)

Are you a trained athlete in need of a challenge? Massy’s got you covered. The Dominican trainer  made a personal transformation into embarking on her strength to overcome depression through fitness and now encourages others to do the same. She’s also a mum, so you can find some workouts perfect for mums to do with their little ones. Alongside her athlete performance enhancing workouts, she regularly posts her healthy meals with a holistic focus explaining all the health benefits and teaching all of us how to look after ourselves more closely from the inside out.

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A different kind of breakfast today. So my day started super late here wlon social, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with you. [Tag a friend] Being creative with food is a hard task specially if you do not know how to eat. This is pure fuel. A breakfast that is not only plant based, but it’s delicious. Three slices of multi grain bread with half a hass avocado, 1/4 black beans, a measured tablespoon of cashew butter with a strawberry on top. What a flat tummy, great skin, energy, focus, and overall better composition? Well here’s an idea. Super easy to make and assemble. Add a little salt and pepper to the avocado. Later for a snack I had a plant based protein shake. I used about 1.5 scoops of my strawberry @tru_supplements Powder. I mixed in 1/2 cup frozen berries, and a teaspoon of maca powder. These are ideas that will help you so much and I hope you are taking notes. @mawarriors If you’re doing my lifestyle program, I hope you enjoy this one. There’s a lot of things happening in my life at the moment, so bare with me and read my posts. Sometimes being a mum can get really overwhelming and with being an entrepreneur, I don’t get to shoot everything. But I’m finding more balance and getting things a lot more organized to bring you guys better content. _______________________________________________________ Un desayuno diferente. Mi día comenzó súper tarde, pero no podía esperar para compartir idea con ustedes. [Etiqueta a un amigo] Ser creativo con la comida es una tarea difícil, especialmente si no sabes cómo comer. Este es un desayuno vegano y delicioso. Tres rebanadas de pan multigrano con medio aguacate pequeño, 1/4 de frijoles negros, una cucharada medida de mantequilla de anacardo con fresa. Quieres un estómago plano, buena piel, energía, concentración y una mejor composición corporal? Bueno, aquí está una idea. Súper fácil de hacer y ensamblar. Más tarde, para un refrigerio, tuve un batido de proteína. Usé aproximadamente 1.5 scoops de mi proteína de fresa @tru_supplements. Mezclé 1/2 taza de bayas congeladas y una cucharadita de polvo de maca. Estas son ideas que te ayudarán mucho y espero que tomes notas.

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Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims (@cookieeedough)

Wanting to perk up your peaches? Well, the self proclaimed ‘Booty Doctor’ Ca’Shawn ‘Cookie’ Sims is here to help. The Texan fitness trainer started off her fitness journey as a football star and acclaimed track athlete. You can find an array of workouts all specialising in building your glutes with glute activation exercises and workouts using the treadmill, resistance bands and cable work to sculpt your booty from all angles.

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Hey #BBCSquad happy #HumpDay!!! Okay so here’s one of my favorite booty circuits! It was recorded last week and I was finally able to get the swipe to be on my side today lol. I love the slides because you get to see more of how I prep for the upcoming set and how I readjustment my body to make sure everything is aligned and good before lifting (especially since I lift heavy or do a lot of glute contractions) _______________ ✨ WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: ✨ 🍑 Elevated goblet squat pulses- the elevation helps you get deeper into the squat and even though you’re pulsing be sure to squeeze each time you come up 🍑Single leg elevated barbell between legs pulse squat – this BURNSSSSS (ask @official_janina or @lianev who tried it with me 😭) you stay low and each time as you’re coming up contract your glutes (I mean I am the queen of contraction 😉) 🍑 Smith machine deadlift pulses – lean back and contract your glutes as you lift up. 🍑Smith machine booty press – this strictly works your booty to help you get that booty meat. 🍑 Deep cable squats – when you push your hips forward slightly lean back. This is my favorite cable exercise and the burn is one I don’t mind at all! 🍑 Cable deadlift pulses – yes I LOVE A GOOD PULSE EXERCISE! This exercise really helps with the middle booty! 🍑 Wide elevated bridge thrusts/Single leg bridge dip 🍑Weighted stationary lunge kickout 🍑Stationary kettle bell squat step-outs ___________ All workouts from a #BodyByCookie workout program which are available on (link in bio) – don’t wait any longer to build the booty of your dreams! #BBCSquad @bodybycookie • Thank you @official_janina & @ejking21 for recording all the vids!!! 💖

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