Self Love Saturday: Give power to thoughts that strengthen you

Believe it or not, your mind is the most powerful muscle you use. It dictates what you eat, say and what kind of energy you absorb to fuel your thoughts.

Everyone has insecurities and days that it can feel impossible to feel confident within yourself. You feel like an imposter when you attempt to act confident and you’re feeling the polar opposite.

Some days it can feel like you don’t deserve to be happy. But after going to a talk a few weeks back from Gabby Bernstein in London to promote her new book The Judgment Detox. She said something to a member of the audience that was so significant. The woman in the audience would say she felt unworthy and she didn’t deserve love to which Gabby asked “Do these thoughts make you feel good about yourself?” to which she responded “No.” to which Gabby asked her “Why do you give power to thoughts that don’t empower you?”

It was something that was so obvious but so profound. It was true. We can sit and weigh ourselves down that we’re not good enough, we’re not smart enough, we’re not pretty enough, we’re not thin enough, etc. etc. but when we get to the end of this downward spiral of negativity which can feel like we’re just being honest with ourselves, where does it leave us? In what way does it assist us in becoming our best selves? It debilitates us all in the sake of ‘being realistic’. It doesn’t make us feel good or leave us feeling strengthened.

So here’s the thing I want you to do, start today to give power to thoughts that strengthen you. All of those thoughts that do nothing but bring you down are not doing anything good for you, no matter how true they feel. You can sit and wallow in the negativity but at the end of the day it will never move you forward, it will never bring back that mistake you made for you to correct it and if it isn’t making you happy it’s not going to benefit you.

You are so deserving of happiness, believe and feel that for yourself

One revelatory moment was how Gabby noticed how this audience member didn’t believe she was worthy of happiness so she fed into her thoughts that paralysed her in her state of pain. She’d grown accustomed to it after years of difficult moments even though she was already out the other side. And it that moment I realised that similar trait within myself.

Once we acknowledge that we are so deserving of happiness and recognise how the universe wants that for us we can begin to navigate our behaviour towards that notion and welcome happiness. When we give power to thoughts that strengthen us – “I am worthy, I am enough, I deserve to feel good today” we begin to cause a shift in our energy that welcomes those emotions, we don’t block those opportunities out of fear or old thought patterns. We let the source energy know that we’re receptive to happiness which gives it the opportunity to enter our lives.

Perhaps it can’t change our circumstances but changing our mindset allows us to build the strength to overcome our negative circumstances, it allows us to harness power that doesn’t allow negativity to continue affecting or controlling us.

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