Self Love Saturday: You deserve the very best

It’s a saying that we tell our loved ones without hesitation, however when it comes to personally evaluate whether we do that for ourselves… we can feel stuck.

As you get older, you have to take on more responsibilities. From when you start taking your GCSEs, your hobbies get made less of a priority and work becomes more of a priority. You have to get more economical with your finances and things like bills, rent, direct debits get introduced into your life. The older you get, the more responsibilities and commitments you have which can feel like there’s less time for what you truly want.

For me, I’ve noticed that this has welcomed some bad habits. For example, being economical with my money means I have this filtered approach to shopping which means I’m not investing my money into what I actually want and end up purchasing things I didn’t really really want…. which isn’t entirely economical.

So lately, I’ve made it a life mantra to make it a new rule in my life to prioritise things that will be a worthy investment that will benefit me in becoming my best self.

When it comes my skincare routine. I’ve struggled with my skin over the years from having bad acne as a teenager to now trying to get that melanin glow. After some recommendations, I headed to The Body Shop to pick up some new products that totalled to around £20. Ouch. Felt that one in my wallet in my habitual economical back pocket. Then I said to myself “This is investing in your best self and you deserves it.” Which was true. Was this something I really wanted in my life? Yes. So, spending a bit more money to make sure my skin was looked after was a negotiable with this new mantra in my life, so I happily tapped the card machine and didn’t look back. I was sick and tired of knowing what I wanted for myself and being in that “I wish I had x, y and z” mindset. When what was I actually doing to get those things?


The same goes for you in who you aspire to be in your life. Are you spending more time scrolling through social media admiring what other people have more than making an effort to have that within your own life? What is actually stopping you apart from yourself? Make it a point from now on to give yourself the best that you deserve and that will serve who you wish to become. If it serves you then you need it – simple as. You can afford to invest in yourself because you’re worth it.

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