Top reads to get you inspired to creating your best self

As the infamous quote goes, “knowledge is power” and there’s no assuring way to do that than through reading.

I’m a massive believer that life’s best teacher is other people sharing their experiences and what they’ve learnt. Now that I’m in the adult world, I make it a point to invest in gaining knowledge from the school of life as we all have something to offer each other and take from one another to benefit us in our own lives.

On my YouTube channel I have a new video series titled The Investment Season which features me covering various topics and things I’ve been learning and sharing that with you guys.

Below is a video of some books from authors such as Gabby Bernstein, Phoebe Lovatt and Otegha Uwagba that I’ve been reading at the moment that have helped me get in touch with my creativity, passion and helped improve on my self confidence and grounding with faith.

 I hope you enjoy the video and decide to pick up one of the books I mentioned and it inspires you on your journey.

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