Decor and organisation hacks for your workspace

When it comes to work, it’s great to have your own personal stamp on your desk – here are some top picks to add to your desk to add your personality to your workspace.

Laptop skins, £16.50, Coconut Lane


Want to add some personality to your Macbook? These adorable laptop skins are a great way to add some flair to your laptop and come in a variety of designs.

Tortoise Copper Metallic Photo Holder, £7.50, Oliver Bonas

1168419_1This rose gold little creature is a cute and quirky way to have pictures of your loved ones on your desk.

Britney 2007 mug, £11.00, Central 23



Having a rough day at work? Have a brew in this fun mug and remind yourself that if Britney Spears can conquer the rollercoaster that was 2007 you can get through the day, sis!

Oucles Grid Display Panel, £17.99, Amazon 


Are you someone who needs an organised creative mess to do your best at work? This grid display is a easy way to get all your notes on a visual display above your desk or an unique way to put your photos up and add some desk space with the additional shelf units on sale.

Wooden desk organiser, £10.99, Amazon



For those tight on desk space and need to get organised – this handy desk organiser is an minimalistic way to get all your shiz organised.

Marble effect desk planner, £9.99, Stradivarius


Here is a helpful way to have your whole week planned out at your fingertips if Excel spreadsheets aren’t your way to go to being organised and you’re more a traditional pen to paper kinda gal.

#GirlBoss Stationary Bundle, £49.00, Coconut Lane 


For those who want to have a theme with your office stationary, this bundle set is perfect to be co-ordinated and stylish with your desk decor at the same time.

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