Figuring out your why when you’re in doubt

Life is full of many detours. The path to your purpose and your dreams may look very different to what you once planned. Opportunities don’t follow through, you don’t get that email responded to, people ghost on you, you lose your job, you gain what you thought was your dream job and it doesn’t turn out quite like you expected, you find yourself in a rut or you get made redundant. A million and one unexpected curveballs get thrown at you and make you question where you’re even heading. 

One of the most common forms this can take place in is when it comes to our work. We take on opportunities that seem shiny in the tin but don’t quite deliver what we thought was wrapped inside. They’re underwhelming at the least.

Here’s the thing, we all have these moments where we feel we’ve hit a wall. I believe the key way to staying on track to achieving your goals whether they are to do with your career or even just lifestyle change goals like losing weight or getting fitter is embracing the detours by staying connected to your why. Not every moment will be a milestone hitting point where you’ll hear the trumpets. It’ll sometimes be a lacklustre season of tedious work that fails to excite you but it’s where you’re going to learn the most if you pay attention.

Every season teaches you something. Maybe it’s gratitude? Maybe it’s patience? Maybe it’s tenacity?

Ask yourself “What is my why? Why do I need to be in the situation I’m in right now? How does it align with what  I truly want?”

For example, perhaps you want to go into an entrepreneurship but you’re stuck in a job that looked shiny on the tin, at the big name company others may dream of working at But it’s actually the most tedious work ever, so maybe you’re meant to be observing how your boss leads and manages a team so when you run your own company you will be able to lead and that’s the learning point you need right now.


Maybe your why isn’t the BIG why you were hoping for. Perhaps all it is a stepping stone to it. A nod to how all things come together for the main reason. Stay patient in the lesson. Sometimes all it is is an experience until the opportunity that you really grow is in being prepared for you behind the scenes. The universe knows what it’s doing. Trust the timing of your life.

Photo by Frank Flores on Unsplash

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