Dreading the commute to work? Here’s how to make it more bearable

We get it. There’s nothing that can get you more than unenthusiastic on a weekday morning than the trip to work. With the shoving onto the train, the inconsiderate passengers who don’t know how to drive or move down inside the train carriage.  But it has to be done. Here’s some hacks to make the trip enjoyable:

Take your breakfast to work

Instead of being in a rush and skipping out on breakfast, how about storing some cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge so when you get to work you can reply your emails whilst munching into your breakfast. Or you can opt for a ready made porridge oats express pot and add berries on top to have a slow release energy supply in your system.

Listen to podcasts

They’re some motivating ones to listen to such as Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s and Lewis Howes. Plus, my very own! Espire21: The Podcast which features a motivating message for you to listen to during your travels or when you’re doing your make up in the morning. You can listen to on Soundcloud or download on iTunes.

Listen to a motivating playlist

One of my favourite things to do to wake me up when I’m lowkey falling asleep on the tube is to listen to an upbeat, motivating playlist that makes me feel like a badass. Have a listen to my current playlist here.

Have a shower the night before

Did you know that having a shower at night can help you get to sleep easier? It also cuts down so much time in the morning so you can wake up feeling refreshed and possibly have a few extra minutes in bed.

Aim to get to work earlier

The thought of getting to work earlier probably seems daunting. However, you’ll feel less in a frazzled state of mind rushing to get to work on time as well a lot more capable and focused because you’ll be in a calmer state of mind. When you arrive to work you want to feel competent, not stressing if your manager is silently clocking how many times you barely made it in time and debating if her watch is just unusually fast when she clocked that time you were 1 minute late.

Keep a pocket filofax or diary

Colour coding your agenda for the day and spending a few minutes in the morning/the night before reading over your agenda can help you be more clearer minded on the day ahead. Having a set schedule of your week that you can clearly see laid out will make you feel calmer in general.

Take a hot drink with you

Having a hot beverage to warm you up can mentally make you feel like you’re waking up than feeling groggy in the Autumn cold. Having a gentle caffeine boost with a green tea or if you’re in dire need of an caffeine hit (in moderation), a latte can help give you a quick buzz for the day ahead.

Lay out your clothes the night before 

It’s a old childhood rule that we did with our uniforms, but old habits do benefit you in adult life. Having your clothes laid out will allow you to feel more organised and avoid time wasting deciding what to wear when the clock is ticking.
Follow these tips to help you feel like you’re bossing the day ahead and able to find some contentment in heading to work.


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