Self Love Saturday: You Are The Queen Of Your Own Life

When life gets overwhelming, it can feel like everything is caving on top of you and that you’re powerless.

I’ll let you in on a fact I know to be true about you… you’re undefeated and indestructible. For you to be sitting here reading this, means that there is an undisputed fact about you that says that despite the worst of circumstances trying to get the better of you, you always get back up. That’s the truth. Despite the storms you face in life, you’re still here. You’re still standing. You’re as resilient as they come.

This life is your kingdom. It may feel like the waters are crashing against the walls of your kingdom and the skies are grey, but your kingdom is still yours. It’s as yours as much as it is on the days where the sky is bright and the windows allow the glow of the sun to seep in.

It’s up to you how you run it, it’s up to you how you keep it standing. It’s up to you how you decide how the storms affect your kingdom – will you allow them to be just storms that will soon pass or view is as what causes the downfall of you?

You can let others’ opinions run the way you run your kingdom, or you can take a step back and declare that it’s yours. You don’t need the validation of others to control the way you see yourself as the lead of your empire, no one knows what’s best for it more than you do. You choose what mindset you will have to run your kingdom under.

No one is at the front and centre, seated upon the throne… apart from you. This is your life. The throne is yours. You will never recognise that if you waste your time eyeing others’ kingdoms than focusing on your own. You have your own, it could be just as great as those who you admire if you spent all your energy focused on building yours to be something great.


In my life, I’ve entered a season of where I get to be so immersed in my work that I don’t have the time to spend endless hours scrolling on social media comparing my life to others because I’m so busy building my own. It’s my sweet spot, I’m immersed in what makes me happy and fulfils me that I glow from the inside out. I’ve further realised that comparison will never satisfy you and it never does anything to build you up. It only tears you down and deflects your energy from building something substantial out of your own life.

Take a moment to evaluate in your life areas where you could serve yourself better. Just as a servant serves a queen, this is what you need to be for yourself. You’re your own queen and servant – you need both elements to build a successful empire. How can you serve yourself so that you’re building the queen within? Maybe it’s taking a step back from some commitments, getting that manicure once a month, seeing a therapist or going to the gym three times a week? Whatever it is – focus on delivering more of that towards yourself.

You have been a kingdom that is called life to run in this life, and on you how you choose to run it in order for it to be a success – start today to build that regal dream for yourself.

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

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