compilation women

This is for the women who are the dreamers,

This is for the women who defy all odds,

This is for the women who work all day and all night to make their dreams a reality,

This is for the women who want to live their best lives,

This is for the women who hear a thousand nos and are still going to hear that one yes that will change everything,

This is for the women who are still figuring it out and are in need of inspiration and empowerment,

This is for the women who want some silence in the chaos,

This is for the women who want to feel like they can conquer anything and look cute doing it,

This is for you.

I’m here to help you on your journey, welcome to Espire21.

Espire21 is a digital media brand designed to inspire and empower today’s women to live their best lives and reach their dreams. You find a variety of multimedia content such as articles, podcasts and videos filled with inspiration for your daily life.



Hi there,

I’m Tasha Okeke, a 25 year old digital media creative from London who works in digital marketing in London out here making her mark on the world. I have previously written for various publications at Hearst Magazines, I am a blogger for Huffington Post and have presented my own radio show and have my own YouTube channel, LivingAsTasha

I created this digital media brand platform in 2016 when I reached a place where I was stuck and in a rut, and asked the big man upstairs of where to go next. I’m truly passionate about empowering and inspiring women to live their best life who want to feel good and be entertained and highlighting the driven women who are making an impact.

I love filling myself up with inspiration and giving that good vibe energy to others so I want to give you something positive to take from here that empowers you in your life so, enjoy our content and hopefully it inspires you to live your best life!

Much love,